Dainayw Skin Tone Markers, Dual Tip Alcohol Marker Pens, 12-Pack

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  • Alcohol based permanent markers, ink is non-toxic, dries acid free,Professional quality
  • BEAUTIFUL SKIN TONE SET: We’ve included 12 flesh tone palettes to make your illustrations and manga characters as realistic as ever. You can overlay the skin tone markers for greater tonal variation or use them with blender marker pens.
  • Dual Tips: Broad and fine tips. The broad tip makes lines that are approx. 7 mm wide at the widest point. The fine tip makes lines that are 1 mm wide
  • Use these pens for coloring, comic, doodling, journaling, and more.
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2 MARKER PENS IN ONE: In just one color marker pen, you get a fine tip on one side and a chisel tip on the other. So you can create beautiful outlines and fill them up with bold broad strokes by just flipping the professional sketching markers.

Not only you get superior quality, also get the full spectrum of most vibrant and popular color tones used for drawing, sketching, designing and illustrating manga art and realistic lifelike portraits in this ultimate 12 color pack.

Product features:
Ink so smooth and pigmented, dry fast and doesn’t spread and smudge, blend well.
Professional fibers allows it to flow nicely without fraying, skipping.

Suitable for:
– Fashion Designer
– Colorist
– Illustrator
– Student
– Novice artist
– Professional artist

Estimated delivery time:
US/Canada/Australia/EU: 10-22 days
Rest of the world: 2-5 weeks


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